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This Mama is using a brilliant technique to encourage a healthy labour and birth. Dance away mama!


The Ins And Outs of Dancing in Labour

Dancing is an upright position that encourages movement in the pelvis during your labour. It also helps your muscles stay relaxed and helps you get a rhythm going.

Why It Helps:

Being in an upright position uses one of labour’s best friends, gravity, to help your contractions do their best work while often decreasing the pain most women feel. So move that pelvis and move that baby!

With music to encourage a gentle rhythm (or some Beyoncé to shake it), the labour dance can be a very relaxing comfort measure.

When to do it:

Dance when you have the energy to. It works in all stages, especially early and active labour. Make sure to get your partner involved so that you can lean on them if needed.

Yours truly, Doula Annie