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About PCT

Prenatal Classes Toronto has been proudly serving growing families since 2007.

Classes are appropriate for ALL of those giving birth, regardless of location. 

I am FULLY supportive of EVERY type of family entering this amazing time and am excited to help you feel prepared!

There are few things that Annie loves more than helping an expectant parent(s) prepare for one of the most exciting times of their lives. She uses down to earth, conversational teaching methods to make sure that her students leave class with more confidence, resources, and excitement about their upcoming journey.

Commonly taught in an in person group or private class setting, Annie has years of experience running online programming and has transitioned her in person prenatal class to an online environment to meet the current requirements of social isolation during this difficult time of Covid-19.

Whether those expecting take this class alone, or with their partner or support person, this will be a welcoming, positive time to learn everything there is to know about your upcoming birth and beyond.


Annie Scott

Annie Scott

Lead Educator

Annie has been teaching prenatal classes since 2007, has provided breastfeeding support, and was a practicing doula for 9 years with 320 births attended before retiring her in person doula practice. She is a strong advocate of supporting an expectant person’s right to be informed about their birth and postpartum journey. Knowledge is power and she strives to equip all of her clients with the information they need to feel confident and prepared for this powerful and exciting time. She received her certifications from ICEA (International Childbirth Educators Association), DONA International, Hypnobirthing©, and has specialized education in Lactation Management and Client Support.

She has helped hundreds of growing families and looks for1ward to providing her service to many more for years to come. 


This online LIVE class will be a total of 2 classes, 3 hours in length, with readings and video resources for each class topic. 

Registration in the class gives you email and text access to Annie for any questions that you may have about your upcoming birth and postpartum period for the duration of your class and afterward.


Welcome & introduction

Changes in late pregnancy and pre-term labour signs

The stages of labour

When to go to the hospital, what to bring

When to contact the midwife, how to prepare for homebirth

Creating a Birth “Wish List” or Birth “Plan”

Comfort measures and role of coaches/doulas

Hypnosis for Birth Meditation Introduction

Breathing techniques

Relaxation & All Things Medical

Exploring Breath and Relaxation

Medications options for labour, including epidural

Medical interventions during labour & birth

Caesarean Sections

Review of Comfort Measures

Making a Plan for when Labour Begins


Mom’s physical recovery

Post partum blues and depression

Family adjustment, time management

Baby’s first few hours, hospital routines and tests

Typical baby features and special considerations

Caring for your baby: bathing, diapering, clothing, swaddling

 Comforting your baby


Safe sleep practices, transporting babies, babies and pets etc.

Benefits and challenges of breastfeeding

Learning how to breastfeed: positioning, latching, frequency

Recognizing when help is needed, where to get help

Pumping and milk storage, supplementing

Review of Comfort Measures

Review of your When Labour Begins plan

Answering questions

Discussion of further resources and support

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